Day: 12 November 2019

Wednesday heralds spoonie artist meet-up #2!

We’ve got some comfy cushions and blankets and a kettle donated, so come along on Wednesday 13th November to the Spoonie Artist meet-up numero duo! If you’re chronically ill/disabled and interested in doing some nice arty shit and chatting bout stuff and meeting people, then come along on Wednesday! If you can’t make it, fear […]

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The Journal-Planner Lottery – Lies, Possibilities and How to Get it Right.

With the rise in popularity of journals, diaries, planners and specifically – yup – bullet journalling, the stationery market has seen a mega-boom in sales of notebooks that fit a certain Instagram-lead criteria. The format for this ‘perfect journal’ usually goes something like this: dotted pages hardback – or soft-hardback – cover super petty exterior […]

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