#ICantBreathe #Antifa #BlackLivesMatter

The world is a horror show of police brutality and centuries of institutional racism that has ignited a more fierce and determined quest for justice in vast numbers of American civilians than we have seen in a long time. For now, this site has to focus on the intersectional ablism going on in the UK that threatens disabled peoples’ lives, but this statement urges you to look across the pond. It is not voices like mine that need to be listened to on this – it is the voice of black Americans that should be being broadcast across news channels, radios and Twitter videos right now across the world.

The role of allies, as I hope to understand it, is to listen, and to not allow vicarious & overheard white conversations to gloss over, ignore, or turn a blind eye to the pain and systemic abuse that has been suffered by so many for far too long.

‘Riots are the language of the unheard.’

-Martin Luther King Jr.