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smiley face – opportunities for disabled creatives

Funding opportunities DaDaFest – Disabled and/or D/deaf Artist call out! Working in partnership DaDaFest, Unlimited and the Granada Foundation are inviting d/Deaf and/or disabled artists to apply for either one of 10 micro Commissions of up to a £1,000 or one of 4 Festival Commissions of up to £2,500. The commissions are designed to be presented as part of […]

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bit of a grim news round-up for disabled creatives

ONS statistics The Office for National Statistics has produced the first round of real data regarding coronavirus. The results are shocking and, even more shockingly, are not making the news. Two thirds of all covid-related deaths in the UK between February and June were deaths of disabled people. That’s 22,000 disabled people. I did not […]

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#WeShallNotBeRemoved Campaign launches today and gets to trending #2 on UK Twitter

12:50pm and we made it to trending in the UK at #2 on Twitter! Had to screenshot cos at one point #WeShallNotBeRemoved was trending just underneath #MarcusRashford and I have never felt more humbled <3 The only other time I have been that virtually close to Marcus Rashford was when he was my phone wallpaper […]

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#WeShallNotBeRemoved – Join Us Tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s the big day! If you want to feel heard but haven’t yet signed up to the Slack group, or emailed about it – don’t worry. Just share your own art or your favourite disabled artist’s work on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tomorrow from 12pm, use our hashtag (#WeShallNotBeRemoved) and tag some policy influencers while […]

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#WSNBR: first campaign a big success – make sure to join us for campaign #2!

Huge success with our first campaign as #WeShallNotBeRemoved ! Over 140 disabled artists and disability led arts organisations signed a letter to the Secretary of State, demanding that our voices be heard in upcoming, rushed meetings which will decide the shape of the future of the arts in the UK. The full letter can be […]

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Indoor Explorers: An Invitation

Now that a great deal of time has passed, I have finally finished setting up an online space for our existing community over at Nice Time Arts! This beta version uses Microsoft Teams in response to the digital accessibility survey that we circulated the last couple of months. Teams is easier for people to personalise […]

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A new Alliance: in conversation with #WeShallNotBeRemoved

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you, and invite you, to a new UK Disability Arts Alliance, #WeShallNotBeRemoved ! #WeShallNotBeRemoved is an alliance of UK-based disabled artists across all forms, disabled workers within the creative industry and disability led arts organisations. The group’s community currently exists mainly on Slack, and any disabled practitioners […]

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#ICantBreathe #Antifa #BlackLivesMatter The world is a horror show of police brutality and centuries of institutional racism that has ignited a more fierce and determined quest for justice in vast numbers of American civilians than we have seen in a long time. For now, this site has to focus on the intersectional ablism going on in […]

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proceed with caution & a mastershield

The latest laxing of lockdown restrictions for shielding persons is a political announcement, not medical recommendation.

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Keep yourself (and your employers) busy during lockdown

A couple of weeks ago I put together a list of relevant artsy-poorly cool stuff going on online during the lockdown for Nice Time Arts, so head over there to find out about some free theatre, creative opportunities and more. Below are some bits I found this week and a number of links for you […]

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