Resting Up Collective

A few online sick pals have formed resting up collective – an interdisciplinary arts group of chronically ill and disabled folk, practising crip time in order to make art.



‘Resting Up is an interdisciplinary group of chronically ill and disabled friends practising slowness/crip time to create, think, and interrupt neoliberal pressures and expectations on the body.’ 


Below is an extract from the resting up manifesto, which can be viewed in full over at the SubStack:

“We are working towards a future we desire and each have a hand in crafting. A mindset that accepts the bed as a creative and political site. A future that won’t demand “have you got capacity?” and will accept no for an answer. A world that allows for joy and pleasure seeking, and prioritises this over unsustainable labour demands.  

We believe in the strength of a group, of mutual aid, and care in every form. While we would be foolish to believe this project will change the world, we lean into it as a place to make art that is reactive and reflective of collective, local struggle. Here is a place to make mistakes, to craft new theories of disability and chronic illness, to do things that support each other and make us feel.”


Follow resting up collective on Instagram and sign up to the substack to make sure you don’t miss future updates of how to get involved. 

Instagram: @restingupcollective


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