Issue #1(.5) Zine Submissions open until February 15th!

We’re finally putting together our #1 issue of the Still Ill OK Zine. This has been about 1.5yrs in the making, as the need to prioritise paid work amongst health interruptions meant that putting this together kept falling behind as a priority. Honestly, it’s been more on-again-off-again than Ross & Rachel with about the same degree of tedium.


Well, we’re putting it together now, and am accepting new submissions until Monday 15th February.

The initial theme was chosen at an event early last year with many a fellow spoonie; ‘What TO say / What NOT to say.’

We are accepting poems, images, doodles, thoughts, stories, anecdotes, photos, ANY form of media until February 15th 2021. Please email all entries to or get in touch if you’d like more info.

If you’re not particularly crafty yourself, or are too knackered to whip something colourful up, no problemo – we have made a very short questionnaire about what people say/don’t say but should/shouldn’t with regards to disability:

You choose the level of anonymity for your answers, as they will all be collated into one collaborative piece.

The question prompts in the survey can also be copied and pasted directly and downloaded in Large Print as Word or PDF in this initial blog post:

The full initial call out (from a year or so ago, yes) can be found alongside some prompts and hints at prompts on our ZINE page.

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