Art & Access

It’s been a while since I wrote a full review for – which was the initial purpose I set myself for the website – but below are links to previous interviews & reviews of the accessibility situation at various art and music venues in the North West.

There is a fantastic charity called Attitude is Everything, which offers some ticket reimbursements for their Mystery Shoppers in exchange for a review of their first-hand experience at said venue as a d/Deaf and/or disabled person. They are always on the lookout for more Mystery Shoppers, so I recommend getting in touch as although big gatherings have been canceled, I am sure they would appreciate some support for all their hard work!


Vicky and I (mostly Vicky!) made this fab survey for us last year while we were putting Nice Time Arts together, our accessible arts practice based in Hulme, Manchester. The survey is still open and we still read answers, so please fill it in if you’d like to have your views heard!

Click the following link to go directly to the survey:


What’s next, now that physical venues have been closed, many artists’ contracts unfulfilled and the world of live art, museums and galleries is soon to be converted into some sort of online format? Sounds pretty good on the surface, perhaps, but will these institutions and venues put the difficult conversations about intersectionality and regular barriers to accessing art at the heart of their conversations and conversion process?

Join the conversation here or email/text me to share your views & experiences: