Candid Cancer Collective

This was a project that Still ill OK worked on alongside Drawn Poorly, Contact MCR and Sex with Cancer in 2020-2021. 

The zine project was led and created by  @caitswildecake @brontepalmer @etemadi_kimiaSex with Cancer have now launched their incredible online sex shop and you can view and download the Candid Cancer Collective zine in full over on their site: 

Archived text:

I’m very excited to finally be able to introduce to you, the Candid Cancer Collective!

In collaboration with @drawnpoorlyzine , and created through @ContactMCR & the indomitable @SexWithCancer we’ve been supporting the making of a brand new zine project. @CandidCancerCollective are a collective of former cancer patients taking the inspiration out of cancer and bringing real life candid experiences.

This mega project is led and created by @caitswildecake @brontepalmer @etemadi_kimia. They’ve got exciting plans for their zine and more so head over to their Instagram to see what’s new.

Their awesome logo & wonderful graphics have been designed by fabulous artist, @brontepalmer 💙

This project has been commissioned by @Sexwithcancer @contactmcr alongside some other amazing artists – head to @sexwithcancer’s page to check them out (and all the mega work they do too!)

Head to the CCC website now to read their first three blog posts, introducing each of the wonderful C’s individually.

Call out for Submissions!


The CCC call out for zine submissions is now live. 

Text from the poster is pasted below.


Call Out:

CCC is creating a zine with help and funding from Sex with Cancer and Contact and we want you to be involved! If you have lived experience with cancer, are a former cancer patient or current cancer patient please read on.

Submission Prompts:

Where’s your sense of tumour?: Do you have a funny story from your cancer story that you want to share? We want to hear it! This can be told in any way you want and it can be shared anonymously if you prefer!

Say you’ve had cancer without saying you’ve had cancer: This could be a piece of art, writing, a photo or absolutely anything you want! Let your mind get creative!

How to submit:

We’re accepting contributions in a range of formats. If you have a story you’d like to share, this can be in an email, word document or PDF format or – send it us as a voice note! For images please send in a PNG or JPEG format. Please send all submissions (and questions) to :

If there’s an alternative way you’d like to share your submission with us, please get in touch!

Everyone featured in the zine will receive a copy. We can’t wait to see your submissions.