Still Ill OK – Accepting Submissions

We are always accepting submissions – written text, images, art, photography, thoughts, post-it-notes, you name it – for the Still Ill OK Zine. Unfortunately paid work and health management has had to take a priority over the last couple of years, and as such putting together the zine has been a slow process. We are just finalising our first issue, Issue 1.5, and look forward to sharing details of its publication with you soon.

Because the zines aren’t created to a fixed time scheme, we are always accepting submissions, so please do email with any questions about the zine, and with any work you’d like to submit.

You can include your social media handles, website links, pen name, pronouns, or you can remain totally anonymous if you wish.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not order one of our Pen Fight X Still Ill OK prompt zines for chronic illness:

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