Updating, Upgrading Upshots

Updating, Upgrading Upshots

Now that I have finally finished the main part of my MSc, Still Ill OK is able to have some serious upgrading time. We hope you’re enjoying the new website, as it will become increasingly accessible and full of fun and useful things over the next few months. For now, I’d like to focus on what has been the elephant in my studio for a long time now…


We started work on the first issue of a Still Ill OK zine about a year ago. I know, shocking. I have been fiddling with it but I hit a wall in terms of putting it together, and alongside poor-health, a masters and two businesses to run, I couldn’t quite break through. However, I am now back ON the ball, equipped with my tech tools & zappy quips, amazing stuff from workshops we did over the year and have a team of super-zine-makers supporting me, so both myself and the currently dismantled zine are raring to go. I am even going to cheekily ask for MORE submissions. MORE!

So if you or anyone you know would like to submit anything – text, image, photo, audio (I’m going to publish it online too) – please do send them our way. Email submissions to holla@stillill.uk and please do get in touch with any access requirements.

If you don’t feel particularly creative or arty-farty, then feel free to email me your answers to the following question-prompts. These are available to copy and paste from below, to download or to answer in a simple Google Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1p4Qk2O-wFm-nzhfhmWFviwyd1Lb5SENJ9Ln84kxEK70/edit


Can’t wait to hear from you! We are also always looking for more guest posts, so give us a shout if you fancy a pop at it!


  • The thing people say about my disability/health condition that annoys me the most:
  • The thing people say about my disability/health condition that I hear most often:
  • What I wish they would say instead:
  • The most irritating thing that friends say in relation to my illness/disability:
  • What I would like my friends to say instead:
  • Overall, what are your instinct response to the following…
  1. What NOT to say:
  2. What to say INSTEAD:

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