Drawn Poorly Issue #6 – Nature

Drawn Poorly Issue #6 – Nature

The wonderful Drawn Poorly have now published and are selling Issue #6: Nature!

I am very honoured to be included among the artists who contributed to this issue, all of whom are so very talented and have approached the topic from such different angles. Upon reading it I felt I had been a bit too sarcastic, but it’s good to shake things up now and then, no?

I asked Rose, the lovely editor, how she would summarise this issue in particular:

The work in the zine is a real mix of perspectives – some reflecting on nature before and others referencing nature through lockdown. It’s apparent that so many of us are focusing on nature as a positive coping mechanism right now. It was really lovely to see so many variations on that. 


So head over to Drawn Poorly to grab a copy now and continue supporting all the great work they’ve been doing! CLICK HERE.

[Image Description of Featured Image: Photograph shows a copy of Issue #6 of Drawn Poorly’s Zine series being held up against a yellow wall. The front cover is mint green and reads: ‘ISSUE SIX: NATURE’ on a labelling tape, and shows a colourful artwork by one of the contributors that is a collage including flowers, butterflies and nature.]

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