Still Ill OK Issue #1

We’re now accepting submissions for our #1 issue of the Still Ill OK Zine. The theme was chosen at an event last year with many a fellow spoonie; ‘What TO say / What NOT to say.’

We are accepting poems, images, doodles, thoughts, stories, anecdotes, photos, ANY form of media. Please email all entries to or get in touch if you’d like more info.

If you’re not particularly crafty yourself, or are too knackered to whip something colourful up, no problemo – we have made a very short questionairre about what people say/don’t say but should/shouldn’t with regards to disability:

You choose the level of anonymity for your answers, as they will all be collated into one collaborative piece.

The question prompts in the survey can also be copied and pasted directly and downloaded in Large Print as Word or PDF in this initial blog post:

I couldn’t bring myself to delete it, so please see below my enthusiastic post from a year ago, when we started putting the zine together. It all still applies! Oh, and apologies in advance if you haven’t scrolled down to my hideous Paint-job of an advert.

We’ve finally started putting together our first zine!

Whether you have ever written, drawn, or shouted out or not before, you are so very more than welcome to submit material to our first issue of the Still Ill OK Zine.

The inaugural issue’s theme was chosen by some fellow spoonies at a recent zine club event: ‘What not to say…’

As chronically or mentally ill or disabled people (or D – tick – all of the above) we have all probably had someone say something to us that has:

  • made us cringe with embarrassment
  • made us boil up with rage
  • verged on Hate Crime
  • caused us to stare blankly and try to empathise with the thought process that produced such a terrible remark
  • been told something by a doctor that makes us cry
  • retaliate from the built up frustration from similar microagressions
  • deflate like a sad balloon

Well now is our turn to let people know what is and isn’t appropriate, as well as how it feels to have such things said to us.

SO, if you aren’t an artist or a writer, that is totally fine – you can just email some anecdotes of totally absurd things people have said to you and, if you like, how you responded and felt.

You can submit from anywhere in the world via the following methods:
– post a comment below
– email
– text us or request a callback on 07539371070
– via social media on Instagram or Facebook
– send us some post at the following address:
Still Ill OK (Ellie Page)
Studio 30.
41 Old Birley Street
Hulme, Manchester
M15 5RF

If there’s another way you would like to get in touch or be a part of the zine that is not listed above, please don’t hesitate to let me know – I understand that accessibility is an ongoing concept, not a one-stop achievement!

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