ace & moving online: a brief update

Fortunately I have finally been rewarded by the powers that be in the arts world, and received some emergency support from Arts Council England.

This is a quick post to announce the new plan that this funding has made possible: Indoor Explorers. I’m in the process of developing a Microsoft Teams channel for those of you/us who used to take part in Still Ill OK events as well as those organised by Nice Time Arts. I’m using the many responses we received to the survey about online accessibility (still available, please fill in if you haven’t already!) to try and make sure that the new online community is as safe and accessible as possible.

More information on why Teams was chosen, as well as how to join, will be available on here and over at Nice Time soon. In the mean time, if you would like to register your interest in joining our Teams community, please send a blank email to with the header ‘TEAMSPLZ’.

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