Democracy, disability & devolution – workshop

Democracy, disability & devolution – workshop

I will be running a craftivism workshop focusing specifically on the zine format on day 2 of Breakthrough UK’s brilliant upcoming event, Democracy, Disability and Devolution; an event aiming to encourage more disabled women to get involved in politics.

The event takes place over two days and features inspiring female politicians to speak to, various workshops, networking opportunities, political support groups and more.

Click here to find out more and register to attend!

February 8th is aimed at local political organisations, women’s groups and other community groups. The informative day aims to help such groups and local organisations become more accessible to disabled women, by talking to us, learning from Breakthrough and more.

Saturday 9th is an opportunity for all you fab disabled ladies to join in, find out how to get more involved in politics by making politics accessible to YOU and fit around YOUR needs.

I will be attending on the first day, February 8th, and running the zine workshop on Saturday 9th from 1pm.

Here is a v rushed magic lil mini zine I made in bed last night as a wee example for the day of how quickly you can become a craftivist!

It’s hard to be politically active…

…when you’re stuck in your sick bed…

… but it’s okay, this is why the universe invented paper& tools for change like pens, scissors, glue and paint. It’s all in your [HEAD] and your [HEART] …

…So come along and scribble dribble away!

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