Introducing the Candid Cancer Collective!

Introducing the Candid Cancer Collective!

I’ve asked you to ‘watch this space’ for long enough with regards to the previously top-secret project I’ve been working on with Sex with Cancer, Drawn Poorly & Contact MCR, so here is our announcement!

I’m very excited to finally be able to introduce to you, the Candid Cancer Collective!

In collaboration with @drawnpoorlyzine , we’ve been supporting the making of a brand new zine project. @CandidCancerCollective are a collective of former cancer patients taking the inspiration out of cancer and bringing real life candid experiences.

This mega project is led and created by @caitswildecake @brontepalmer @etemadi_kimia. They’ve got exciting plans for their zine (including a call out for submissions) and more so head over to @candidcancercollective.

Image Description: this is an image of the Candid Cancer Collective logo. There are three Cs in the centre of the image, they are while on different shades of blue paper. Underneath this is written ‘Candid Cancer Collective’ in blue.

Their awesome logo & wonderful graphics have been designed by fabulous artist, @brontepalmer 💙

This project has been commissioned by @Sexwithcancer @contactmcr alongside some other amazing artists – head to @sexwithcancer’s page to check them out (and all the mega work they do too!)

The website is in development, but you can head there now to read their first three posts, introducing each of the wonderful C’s individually:

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