New Art Line Officially Launched & Interview Published

New Art Line Officially Launched & Interview Published

Good Afternoon

Thanks to support from Arts Council England, I’ve now launched my first cohesive range of art prints & ‘tit-bits’ as I call them. The new range is available at our website shop as well as on Etsy. All of these works were created during the pandemic, when shielding was introduced as an unresearched and unsupported concept, and forced us behind an invisible, noise-proof ‘shield’ that sit seems we can’t escape.

Before going through the new products available, I’d like to also mentioned and thank The Disability Issue for publishing an interview they did with me this week! Head over to Joe Stevenson’s excellent news blog & Instagram to read the interview in full.

Art Prints

The SHIELD Series is available to view in our temporary gallery and to purchase as prints from our shop.

Badges & Stickers

Perhaps the most exciting print is actually this large & very high quality vinyl sticker of ‘This is My Space’. I designed this as a sticker originally, but then got quite attached the prints being in a different colour range, so it’s very exciting to now have one of these on my laptop. Also perfect for skateboards… There is also a series of very cute lil 25mm badges in various designs. These are also available as a bundle.

Zine Update

I am currently putting together the Issue 1.5 Still ill Zine, which is a bit of a remix of a lot of pre-2020 art & written word submissions, plus some creations from workshops we ran in the years before the pandemic. I am trying to get hold of all the artists and attendees to double-verify permission to use the images, so if you think any of these might be from you, please do get in touch! Similar if you would like to submit anything – all mediums welcome – that you created in or before the year 2019, please pop me an email 

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