New Year, New Start; still ill + that’s ok

New Year, New Start; still ill + that’s ok

Whether you think it will be a happy new year or are fed up of being on the receiving end of such an optimistic sentiment, you made it through 2018 so congratulations for that. Life is hard for a lot of people and it is good to not pretend that it isn’t.

If you are suffering from a chronic health condition, illness or something similar, you are probably still going to be ill in 2019. And you know what? That’s OK. It’s shit a lot of the time, for sure, but it’s okay to accept it and understand that it doesn’t make you shit.

Some exciting stuff in the pipeline for Still Ill OK this year, as we look forward to assisting in the production of, and hopefully appearing via video-link from my hospital bed, an event organised by all the great people at OUTLND.

One of the things we will be looking at on the day are the different ways in which people – with our very different bodies – get comfortable. How do you get comfortable? Get in touch via our contact page and let us know!

Another new feature I’ll be going into in more detail is the new #ASKUSLOT section; are there any questions you have always wanted answering about life with certain conditions? Do you yourself have a certain condition and wonder what others do/think/feel in certain situations? Get the conversation started here.

Last but not least, perhaps what I am most excited about….. introducing….. the brand new….

We finally have an exciting mailing list, so you can see the highlights of each month, including interviews, new art, new products, reviews and blog posts.

Over the next few days, we will be refurbishing the shop and launching some BRAND NEW SUPER SHINY reasonably priced products, including keyrings, 8×10″ mounted prints, tea towels and more. Super excited about this, so watch this space!

Sign up to stay updated, get in touch, share with friends, have a gander etc etc. and don’t beat yourself up if you have to spend the whole month confined to your bed/toilet. Get yer paints out!

Over and out.



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