Research 4 Access! [[Action Needed]]

Below are a few brief surveys that are out being shared at the moment with the view of improving access in all its nitty gritty bits.

Some Punks Need to Sit Down At Gigs

Part of a project by Drawn Poorly & made possible by Stupid Cities, this survey is part of an illustration project about accessibility at music venues.

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Flow Observatorium

This survey is part of Kongress: Researching the barriers for Neurodivergent people in the Arts. This is funded by Arts Council England, so lets hope the results are put into practice.

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General Online Accessibility

Online Access 2020:

From the Artists of Colour Working Group @ We Shall Not Be Removed

{Please note, this is not a survey for white allies, but a survey for people of colour interested in joining the conversation, led by Miss Jacqui}

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