Sex with Cancer – The Grand Opening (Book Now!)

Sex with Cancer – The Grand Opening (Book Now!)

As you know, I have been fortunate to work with Drawn Poorly to assist in the creation and mentoring of Candid Cancer Collective!

Well, the zine is nearly launched, and I’m very excited to invite you to the launch Zoom event below. Information pasted from hosts Sex with Cancer. Please visit the Eventbrite page to book your free space and to contact the organisers with access queries.

The Grand Opening

You are invited to the Grand Opening of Sex with Cancer, an online shop, artwork and campaign, which aims to enable people living with and beyond cancer to take back ownership over their own bodies and intimate lives.

The premise is simple: what if cancer patients got together to design their own sex shop? What would it look like? What products would it stock? What guidance and community could it offer – not just to cancer patients, but to their partners, their potential lovers, and their medical teams?

We know that sex, pleasure and relationships are subjects that many medical professionals feel uncomfortable talking about… and patients are reluctant to ask about. So over the last 18 months, we’ve been building a community and asking them what they most want to know about sex with cancer.

We’ve gathered over 200 questions from people living with and beyond cancer, and have asked specialist doctors, nurses, psychosexual counsellors, patient advocates, and sex toy experts Sh! Women’s Emporium to respond to the top 25 questions. From these 25 questions, we have curated a selection of products and pleasure kits, and commissioned artworks that aim to extend and connect a conversation around illness, intimacy and agency.

As a business led by artists with experiences of cancer, we are thrilled to launch our new shop and peer-led resource.

Join us for our Grand Opening, where you can meet the team, experience the artworks, ask questions about our products, and change the conversation around Sex with Cancer.


Created by Brian Lobel and Joon-Lynn Goh

Shop curated by Toni Lewis

Featuring artworks and essays by Brian LobelJoon-Lynn GohChristopher SamuelLehni Lamide Davies & Shona HamiltonCandid Cancer Collective (Brontë Palmer, Kimia Etemadi & Cait Wilde)

Co-commissioned by Attenborough Centre for the Creative ArtsBattersea Arts CentreContact and Wunderbar

In partnership with Sh! Womenstore

Supported by Arts Council England

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