It is with the greatest pleasure and excitement that I can now introduce you to the project, business and people who have got me through the last 6 months; Triad³.

I was very grateful to be awarded funding from Arts Council England over the summer as part of their Develop Your Creative Practice programme. A significant part of this funding was intended to allow me to explore ways of collaborating artistically with two fellow disabled artists; the indomitable Miss Jacqui & Charlie Fitz.

Our meetings always left me feeling elated, calm and excited, even when we met under a collection of bad day/illness vibes, and I don’t know what I would do without these two incredible artists.

If you would like to find out more about our practice of collective care, how we managed to create collaborative art during a pandemic from opposite ends of the country, or view our online work-in-progress exhibition once it’s live, please visit our website, sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Instagram @tria.d3

#ImageDescription – a circle based logo which reads Triad³. The background is gold. In the centre of the image there are three circles of the same size alongside each other. Each circle is a different earthy colour; the one on the left is beige, the one in the middle is pink and the one to the right is a pinkish brown. The left circle is overlapped by the middle circle in the space where they overlap is a dark pink oval. The middle circle is overlapped by the right circle in the space where they overlap is a beige oval. On top of the circles in gold lettering of a variety of shades it reads ‘Triad³’


We are an intersectional triad of disabled womxn; creators and experts in our fields. We are an active and complete circuit of flowing energy which we share, exchange and develop. 

This art practice began as part of a Develop Your Creative Practice award made by Arts Council England. We had known or at least been aware of each other four a couple of years online, but hadn’t worked or communicated together as a trio. 

We started with quite practical discussions about what kind of formation we wanted to take, what kind of services we would want to provide once we have established ourselves as a business, however it became clear that it would be better, though perhaps unconventional, to do things backwards. To create what we are before deciding it.


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