*Call Out for zine submissions*

I’m extending my original deadline, so that more people can submit their thoughts/anecdotes/cartoons/essays/poems around the topic of…

what not to say to a sick person

You can email your submissions to ellie@stillill.uk and can even just text me anonymously some odd “QUOTES” that people have said tot you that are totally inappropriate: 07539371070

You know, like when Susan tells you her sister was saved by Zumba and carrot juice, and that you’re too young to be sick. Shit like that.

We’ve had some great stuff so far from a mixture of workshops and submissions from all over the world. One thing in particular I’d like to include is a page with some examples of what TO say to a sick person.

What do we like to hear? What is a good way to speak about disability and chronic illness? When did someone last get it just so right that you had to give them a big metaphorical hug?

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