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invitation: commission for equality in mental health

Have your voice heard in these upcoming focus groups and workshops, for The Commission for Equality in the Centre for Mental Health.

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*Call Out for zine submissions*

I’m extending my original deadline, so that more people can submit their thoughts/anecdotes/cartoons/essays/poems around the topic of… what not to say to a sick person You can email your submissions to ellie@stillill.uk and can even just text me anonymously some odd “QUOTES” that people have said tot you that are totally inappropriate: 07539371070 You know, […]

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upcoming event – voice hearing in brazil *date changed to 12th oct*

International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS) are a fab organisation who promote psychosocial and peer supported approaches to voice hearing and mental health work internationally. * Please note the date change to the 12th October 1-4pm * I became a member when I stumbled upon a talk from one of my […]

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GUEST POST – Krystle T.

Hi! I’m Krystle and I have longstanding mental health concerns. Most people have no idea, and I am great at wearing a mask. When I was first diagnosed, I had very little insight and no self-managed coping mechanisms. As I have got older, my insight has developed, as have my efforts to cope. I am […]

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