GUEST POST – Krystle T.

GUEST POST – Krystle T.

Hi! I’m Krystle and I have longstanding mental health concerns. Most people have no idea, and I am great at wearing a mask. When I was first diagnosed, I had very little insight and no self-managed coping mechanisms. As I have got older, my insight has developed, as have my efforts to cope. I am more accepting of the fact that I will have good and bad days, and that’s fine, but having an outlet can be really helpful for me!

I am not particularly artistic, but I enjoy crafting, and enjoy trying out new craft techniques. My motivation wanes quite a lot, so it can take months for me to complete tasks/projects. Alternatively, I flit between several and take absolutely forever to complete something! I have several projects ongoing at the moment.

Batik is all well and good if you have all the tools, but if you don’t, you find alternatives to achieve the same effect, which is what we have here! The phrases are a bit random, but I hope others will appreciate them and make them smile.


Krystle T

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