Coronavirus Lockdown Journal Challenge

Coronavirus Lockdown Journal Challenge

**UPDATE 27/03/2020: I am in the process of putting together a resource & inspiration section on the site! I have been poorly so am moving slowly but in the mean time please send over some time-consuming and sanity-maintaining journal ideas to keep us going!**

I’d written a lot of nearly finished posts, but they become irrelevant hour by hour as the news changes. So I will write a better & serious post at a later point. In the mean time here is a straight up invitation to JOIN ME IN MY NEW SUPER-POWERED CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN JOURNAL CHALLENGE!

The parts of life that give me joy and reminds me we are human are the mundanities of existence that most of us have to just cope with. So let’s point and laugh and embrace the mundanity of indoors life.

There are some serious and helpful things you can do during this:

  • Document the mundanity! Document the horror! Document it all!
  • Make a safety plan for yourself and your household; include your meds and when you need to reorder and collect them
  • Write a poem about the frustration you feel, being chronically ill and also being stuck inside even when you aren’t having a ‘flare up’ day
  • Give the world challenges that it has to meet over the next few months
  • Rate the news
  • Create a league table of every single game you/your housemate/your friends/your family are playing that you are was well – coop or competitively

Here are some general FUN challenge ideas:

  • Funniest thing shops have run out of
  • Best meme/GIF
  • Best headline
  • Worst headline
  • Most terrifying headline
  • Funniest headline
  • Most boring day
  • Most boring thing you have done
  • Most bored you have been
  • Most ridiculous online purchase
  • Weirdest trip into The Outside
  • Create a safety/emergency plan!
  • Best dream
  • Scariest moment
  • Strangest turn of events
  • Art projects you need to complete
  • Most famous person with corona virus
  • Most boring person with a cough

I recommend buying an ethically and nationally sourced super gorgeous Pink Pig Sketchbook – yes, you would be buying this from me own lil shop and supporting me and also Pink Pig. We’ve got a special offer on if you enter code STILLCREATIVE15 at checkout for 15% off all Pink Pig orders! Please note I can get these in any handmade paper cover, paper type, thickness, size, etc. So just pop an email if you can’t see what exactly you want on the shop.

Below is quite clearly the early winner of ‘Best Coronavirus Headline’ category…

Though Liam might actually have topped it himself with “Coronavirus: Liam Gallagher encourages fans to wash hands by singing ‘Champagne Soapernova'”

Example page below…. Please speak to neighbours, friends, online chums, see what their answers to the above challenges are. I’ll be uploading art tips and stuff as we go on.

This journal tasks is my current favourite: Please improvise and share – ‘If coronavirus were a _______ who or what would it be?’

If coronavirus were a ____________

  • Pokemon
  • Historical figure
  • Item of cutlery
  • Seaside object
  • Brand
  • World leader
  • Actor
  • Fictional character
  • Fictional character from a a game
  • Person you know

___________ who would it be?

I’ll be doing posts here and on Stationary N’ Stationery with arty ideas for journal pages, but in the mean time, I recommend signing up to Pinterest which is a bottomless pit of incredibly resourceful activities, quizzes, ideas and more.

Comment below or hashtag #stillillstillcreative on Instagram or Twitter! We will be sharing people’s journal pages, ideas, photos, anecdotes and artwork and words. We’d like to put together a book of everyone’s documented experiences!

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