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proceed with caution & a mastershield

The latest laxing of lockdown restrictions for shielding persons is a political announcement, not medical recommendation.

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nice time arts gets online & accessible for 2020

I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be working on a virtual programme of social & creative events, meet-ups and workshops under the Nice Time Arts moniker over the next few months. This will include opportunities for coronavirus lockdown journal challenges, on which I am well aware that paid work & terrifying letters of ‘EXTREMELY […]

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Coronavirus Lockdown Journal Challenge

**UPDATE 27/03/2020: I am in the process of putting together a resource & inspiration section on the site! I have been poorly so am moving slowly but in the mean time please send over some time-consuming and sanity-maintaining journal ideas to keep us going!** I’d written a lot of nearly finished posts, but they become […]

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