Finally! I published it.

Finally! I published it.

It’s happened! Another Essay About Another ‘Fucking Cancer Diary’. This is the briefest announcement because I am tired and very brain-fogged at the moment. But it is an announcement none the less!

I’ve finally published my undergraduate thesis (and what) in its pretty much unedited form. I decided that there is nothing wrong with how proud I was of myself for completing my degree despite the number of pretty dramatic & horrific challenges that cropped up during those four years.

A first printing of a 2015 essay looking at temporality in illness memoirs written by existing public figures, specifically within the context of terminal diagnoses of cancer. The analysis is framed by Badiou’s notion of ‘The Event’, and aims to contribute to the steadily growing field of autopathography studies.

‘Not Another Fucking Cancer Diary’: Temporality and Commitment in the Literary Event of Cancer: An Essay

Print copies are available to order NOW from the Still Ill OK shop, my stationery shop SNS Chorlton, Amazon and my Etsy store. the mean time the publication is available to purchase online as an eBook via the numerous links below and on Issuu.

Soon, it will be available on Apple Books and Nook, in both standard and large print editions. Audio version is also on it’s way!

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