Nice Time & pen fight sale

The wonderful Vicky has moved into our studio and has made it very beautiful and organised indeed! We’re both really enjoying Nice Time Arts at the moment, so please head over to the site and sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date.

Our crowdfunder for the printing material is going well – we are just over one quarter of the way there now to the actual Risograph machine! Please consider donating if you can afford it.

(I know, I know – how much better than me is Vicky at computer art & branding!)

I’m working on expanding Stationary N Stationery (AKA @snschorlton) as I have just got a load of new stock in from all over the world, and finally have access to a wee light-box to take proper photos. I’ll also be spending more time here on Still Ill OK, arranging more workshops and more interesting content for the website. In fact I am off to interview a surprise guest this very evening!

Vicky’s having a sale over at Pen Fight, with 20% off loads of really cool and amazing titles, so make sure you head over to help a gal out and help us clear some more space in the studio!

Over and out


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