I’ve started a new instagram – it’s somewhat of a Still Ill spin-off and light hearted piss take of the #bujo craze that has taken over the internet recently.

I am a fellow stationery and notebook addict, and am also obsessed with my newly learnt skill of calligraphy and lettering, but it’s difficult if you’re a spoonie, isn’t it, to plan your life? This is what most bullet journals are focused on doing.



Seriously tho what kind of psycho is this neat and has time to be this neat, take such nice photos and do all the things in their ‘planner’? Reminds me a bit of that buisness card scene in American Psycho.

Like, who of us can actually plan our lives like that whilst living in pain, fatigue and unpredictable flare ups of all varieties?



So here we are, an attempt to document the biorhythms of life in an amateur #spooniebujo


Also I’m well clumsy and usually doped up on loads of drugs which means smudging and forgetting how to spell… off we go!


It would be great if we could make #spooniebujo a thing. Everyone should make one!



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