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I’ve started a new instagram – it’s somewhat of a Still Ill spin-off and light hearted piss take of the #bujo craze that has taken over the internet recently. I am a fellow stationery and notebook addict, and am also obsessed with my newly learnt skill of calligraphy and lettering, but it’s difficult if you’re […]

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Super HALF PRICE sale this Sunday 2-5pm

A variety of sketchbooks and jewellery pieces will be available for sale UP TO HALF PRICE this Sunday 2-5pm at Dulcimer Bar, 567 Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 0AE. I will also be running a drop in origami workshop! The workshop works on a pay-as-you-feel model and, as usual, is open to everyone but we […]

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Don’t cry… Create!

I feel this is an important message for anyone out there who also feels that seemingly endless frustration at being physically confined to the four walls of one’s bedroom, or the four curtains of one’s hospital bed. No, there is nothing immediately you can do to take away your pain, or make yourself ‘better’, but […]

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