#WeShallNotBeRemoved Campaign launches today and gets to trending #2 on UK Twitter

#WeShallNotBeRemoved Campaign launches today and gets to trending #2 on UK Twitter

12:50pm and we made it to trending in the UK at #2 on Twitter!

Had to screenshot cos at one point #WeShallNotBeRemoved was trending just underneath #MarcusRashford and I have never felt more humbled <3 The only other time I have been that virtually close to Marcus Rashford was when he was my phone wallpaper for a bit.

There is some phenomenal work being shared around the UK today, all by disabled artists who are demanding that their voice be not only heard, but truly listened to in conversations that are hastily happening regarding the recovery and reopening of the arts sector.

To support please share work by your favourite disabled artists, retweet and repost work by new artists youve found through searching the hashtag, and use the hashtags #WeShallNotBeRemoved #EndAbleism

Click here for an earlier interview I had with Andrew Miller who was part of setting up the campaign, where we go through what the movement is in a bit more detail, and below is a link to the WeShallNotBeRemoved website. Its not designed to be a full website, instead is a landing page for reference. All pages are also available in Welsh translation.


Today and every day we are in solidarity with #TakeTheKnee – at 6pm do whatever is accessible to you in the hope of a fairer world and greater justice #BlackLivesMatter

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