#WeShallNotBeRemoved – Join Us Tomorrow!

#WeShallNotBeRemoved – Join Us Tomorrow!

Embedded video made by activist John Kelly ahead of Wednesday’s campaign!

Tomorrow’s the big day!

If you want to feel heard but haven’t yet signed up to the Slack group, or emailed about it – don’t worry. Just share your own art or your favourite disabled artist’s work on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tomorrow from 12pm, use our hashtag (#WeShallNotBeRemoved) and tag some policy influencers while you’re at it!

We will also be posting about and supporting the #TakeTheKnee movement – in whatever way is accessible to you, at 6pm let’s remember George Floyd and so many others, and kneel/shout/wish/pray for justice for Black lives.

If you’d like a more relaxed crafty space, over at Nice Time Arts I’ve set up an online safe ‘cafe’ type space for everyone whose followed Still Ill and Nice Time over the years and wants somewhere to be creative and feel social

Just pop me an email if you want to get your grubs on some of our marketing images or do want to sign up to the slack group: ellie@stillill.uk or use the contact form on the website.

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