IWD 2019

IWD 2019

There are a shit ton of events that look amazing around Manchester today and this weekend in celebration of International Women’s Day, but alas I am still too poorly to attend (ahem. Cue violin strings, please). This time last year me n a fab lady colleague took some fab young people on a trip to Jodrell Bank for a celebration event of women in science. It was AMAZING and we all left wanting to be spacebabes.

I just want to celebrate all the amazing, inspirational women I have been fortunate to connect with over, but not limited to, the past year.

This includes, but is not limited to, the wonderful Jackie Hagan, thru thick and thin hozzie gowns; my favourite mashed potato; Illustrious founder and general all round shiny gem Hannah Ross; sending love to London Ella Milburn; my favourite matriarch over the sea in the matriarchy motherland of Berlin, planting trees around the world Nikki Maksimovic; the wonderfully gifted and ever inspiring (not sure she realises quite how much) from across the pond, Dr Kate Tomas.

There r many more but I am all morphined up and just enjoying all these colours I gone found so laters mashed potaters.


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